The Best Playpens for Babies in 2023 (My Kids Love Them) (2023)

When my kids were younger, making sure they were safe while having fun was one of my top priorities. After all, they are not babies forever. So a baby playpen was a total lifesaver for us because it relieved some of the stress and anxiety I felt when they started exploring and became more curious. Also, feeding their imagination and encouraging exercise is incredibly healthy for our children.

After doing a lot of research, I found out that the best playpen for babies right now is theFortella Cloud Castle collapsible playground. That's because it's easy to assemble, store, and transport. It is also very versatile as it can be configured in many different shapes and sizes. The colors are so beautiful, and it is usable both indoors and outdoors.

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BEST OVERALL: Fortella Cloud Castle Folding Playpen

The Fortella Cloud Castle is easy to assemble (no tools required). When folded, it stores compactly at just 11 inches wide. Panels come with built-in handles for easy carrying and moving. Features a whiteboard on the back of the door panel and an activity wall with sensory toys for independent play. Covers over 25 square feet and stands 24.4 high.

If your budget is a bit tight, you should considerEvenflo Versatile Play Space. It has less space than the Fortella, its panels are not as colorful, and it does not include a blackboard or sensory toys. However, you can still customize it to fit your space, use it indoors or out, and it's more affordable than Fortella.

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BEST VALUE: Versatile Play Space from Evenflo

  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility: Unique reversible legs have exterior pegs for turf stability and scratch-resistant, anti-sway pads for any indoor floor surface
  • Spacious - Over 18.5 square feet and 28" tall provide a safe space for child to play
  • Quick and easy assembly - no tools required
  • Unique hinge design - each panel can be an access door
  • Usage Information: For use with children 6-24 months. Important: Never use with a child who may climb, move or open the compartment. Carefully read all product instructions and warnings, product labels, and instruction manuals before use. Installation method: Hinge connectors Places of use: Indoor and outdoor cabinet. This enclosure should not be used as a barrier.

Read on to learn more about these parks and to discover other options for specific needs.


  • What should I look for in a playground?
  • See how we determine the best parks
  • Our top picks for the best baby playpen of 2023
    • #1: Fortella Cloud Castle Collapsible Playpen (Best Overall)
    • #2: Evenflo Versatile Play Space (Best Value)
    • #3: Fun Baby Care Playpen (Best for Large Areas)
    • #4: Portable Baby Playpen (Best for Travel)
    • #5: Graco Pack n Play Playard and Changer LX Reversible Seat (Best Playard)
    • #6: GrowthPic Baby Playpen (Best Low Cost)
  • What is the difference between Playpens and Play Yards?
  • Verdict: Your best playground
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As babies grow, they love to play and explore. Allowing them the opportunity to do these things is a crucial part of their development. If you are like other parents, you are concerned about the safety of your children. Letting them roam your house can seem a bit scary at first. Fortunately, there's a product for just that that can help your mind feel calmer.

Playpens are a great way to give your child more freedom without sacrificing safety. They are an enclosed structure that keeps them contained, giving them space to play at the same time. It is the perfect way to provide your baby with a good environment to enjoy her imagination and growth.

What should I look for in a playground?

Before you take the leap and buy a playpen for your child, there are certain features that your child should have. Take a look at this list that we have prepared to help you even more in your decision. You will notice many important things to have on your list.


Not everyone has unlimited space, so having a playpen that folds flat for easy storage is a great feature. If you plan to have it in your living room, I recommend choosing one with this capacity. That way you can open it up to play and reclaim your space when not in use. On the other hand, a playpen designed for use in a large playroom may never need to be folded and stored.

If you have a very small amount of storage space, make sure you get a playpen with a compact fold.


It is very simple. More panels means you can cover more space. You can adjust the size of the fence by adding or removing panels. So please consider this before purchasing if you would like the option to customize.


Playpens come in a variety of different materials, including plastic, wood, mesh, and steel. Typically, the mesh panel playpen will have a metal frame for durability. Consider what you prefer when looking at them, especially if it's internal, external, or both. Plastic will be easier to clean in general, but some playpens with mesh walls have removable fabrics that can be washed.

Easy to use

No one wants to spend a lot of time taking a playground apart and putting it back together. Be sure to choose something that is easy to put together and fold down when needed. Saving time is very important to parents, and even if it's just a few minutes at a time, it's still important.

See how we determine the best parks

Children love to run and be active. Parks allow them to do this in a safe place without them wandering where they shouldn't. After extensive research and reading about the experiences of other parents, I found out which were the best of the best. I compared this to my personal experience with my own children and then compiled this list of 6 parks that are useful for different types of lifestyles.

Our top picks for the best baby playpen of 2023

Let's dive into our list!

#1:Fortella Cloud Castle collapsible playground(Best overall)

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This made it number 1 on our list due to ease of assembly. It comes ready to go right out of the box. This in itself attracts parents to this. Anything that saves time and energy will take a lot of stress off your mind. If you're like me, sitting there and reading instructions and assembling any type of furniture with lots of tools and materials is exhausting. I like to avoid all that extra work whenever I can. Read on and see why this is our top pick in the portable playpen category.

It is easy to store.

When folded, it measures just 11 inches wide, allowing you to store it almost anywhere. This makes life very easy because you have the option to save it when not in use, recovering space. The weight of the product is approximately 36 pounds, so it can still be lifted and moved once folded without any problem.

Indoor or outdoor use

It is designed with non-slip pads on the bottom that work both indoors and outdoors. Since you can easily fold and move it around, this is a great feature. It will ensure that your child is safe no matter where you decide to install it. In addition, the bottom will not damage the floor.

integrated wings

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What makes something easy to move? Do you drive. Fortella Cloud Castle panels include small handles so parents can easily transport it. So you can effortlessly lift it up and store it under your bed, on a shelf, or even pack it in the trunk of your car and take it somewhere.

What else does this play structure have to offer?

  • Chalkboard and activity wall
  • No footholds to allow babies to climb
  • Simple and safe security door
  • Made of food grade material, non-toxic and BPA free.
  • no sharp edges
  • customizable shape
  • Covers 25 square feet of play area
  • Small slats to avoid trapped arms

Compared to some of our other options, this comes at a higher price. It's the second most expensive behind our #3 pick. However, it's worth it for the versatility and extra features we mentioned above. You can change the shape to fit the area you want to place it on. The included activity wall and white board help harness your child's creativity and fine motor development. Of course, this is crucial at a young age.

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#2:Evenflo Versatile Play Space(Best value)

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This indoor/outdoor playground takes a close second due to some of its unique features. Evenflo designed this play space to be used indoors on a rainy day or outdoors if he wants to take his baby out to enjoy the sun. It may not offer as much space as the Fortella at just 18.5 square feet, but it's a much more affordable option and more ideal for smaller living areas.

You can add additional panels

Some additional panels are included with the purchase to expand the space. This makes the playpen very versatile as it allows you to control its size. Of course, this can be useful if your outside area is bigger than your inside area, or vice versa. It gives you the option to change it to fit the space. What could be better?

Secure indoor/outdoor configuration

Not only is it easy to assemble due to its hinged design, but it also contains important additional parts that make it unique when you set it up. Includes lawn stakes, so it can be secured to the ground when your kids are playing in the backyard. You won't have to worry about it moving. If you are installing inside, there are pads you can place on the bottom to protect your flooring and also prevent the panels from sliding.

Take a look at some of the other great features of the Evenflo Versatile Play Space.

  • 28″ tall panels
  • For children from 6 to 24 months
  • Foldable with molded handle
  • tool-free assembly
  • UV weather resistant
  • Rounded and hexagonal shape.

This would be a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. Being able to add and remove panels to change the size of the play area is a unique feature. Of all the other playpens on this list, you'll notice that the Evenflo is the only one that can be expanded. Being portable and easy to disassemble and assemble, getting in and out of the house is very quick and easy.

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#3:Play area for babies(Best for large areas)

The Best Playpens for Babies in 2023 (My Kids Love Them) (7)

This large park covers more space than all the other parks we've mentioned, at over 30 square feet. If you have a separate play area or game room for your kids, this is a great option. It may sound simple, but children wish they could move freely. So go ahead if you can. It may not have other features like the Graco Playard, but it still provides a lot of fun for your baby. What makes this the best overall? Let's break it down.

It is safe

The last thing you want is for your baby or toddler to run through the park and then get hurt. This case has anti-slip pads and position markers to prevent it from moving if any of the panels are accidentally bumped. The design also includes a double-locking gate to keep your curious little one safe in the park and prevent them from trying to escape.

Oversized, secure panels

The panels of this large playground are very large and resistant. The cleats are small enough that your child won't get caught on their arm or leg. We know our babies, they will try to do this no matter what we say. So you can rest easy knowing they won't snag or get traction to go over the panels.

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Here are some more features worth mentioning.

  • You can buy a play or gym mat that will fit perfectly.
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • Made from safe materials and 100% chemical free
  • Waterproof
  • Assembly and disassembly without tools
  • easy to clean
  • square shape

Even though this large playpen commands the highest price of all of our other picks on this list, it'ssoWorth the money if you have room in your budget. You can get a lot out of it, and it's great if you have more than one child in your household who likes to run and play. They will be safe and secure, and you will not have to worry about injuries.

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#4:baby portable playpen(Best for traveling)

The Best Playpens for Babies in 2023 (My Kids Love Them) (9)

Babyseater made this portable playpen for babies with the intention of using it practically anywhere. It has a lightweight design that makes it very easy to pack and transport. Whether you're visiting family or hanging out in the backyard, it takes almost no effort to get around. Let's go over some of the important features this playpen offers.

padded floor

Except for the Graco Pack N Play below, this is the only playpen on our list that has its own built-in floor. That is why it is called a portable playground. The rest of the items in this list are open at the bottom. The padding provides a soft cushion between the baby and the ground or hard ground. This is great for younger babies who are still learning to stand and walk. It's a nice added security feature for concerned parents. In addition, it is also waterproof.

removable lining

Another reason to buy this play yard is the roof. You can easily remove it, which you won't see with any of our other top picks. It is also machine washable. Babies sometimes have accidents and also drool a lot. The age range of these baby products is for little ones who are usually still teething. You never have to worry about the playground not being cleaned and sanitized.

Here are some other notable features of this playground.

  • Transparent mesh so you can see your child
  • 2 security locks
  • One hand fold
  • travel bag included
  • Product weight less than 15 lbs.

If you like to go on trips or spend a lot of time outdoors, this playground would be a great choice for you. It will provide you with a designated and safe play area for your child to enjoy and explore. Giving them freedom wherever they are is critical to their growth and development. Its hexagonal shape makes it easy to fit in most spaces. Your baby will get a lot out of the playground and you will be relieved to know that she is protected from harm and possible injury.

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#5:Graco Pack n Play Playard LX Reversible Seat and Changer(Best player)

You'll notice that this playground is called a "playground." This is because of all the extra features it has. I loved ours so much that I bought two. We keep one at grandma's house and another at home. They are so well made that they outlived her two children,miwe were able to donate one to a family member because it was still in very good condition. So why choose this playpen? Let's talk about what makes this our top pick.

It's not just a playground

Having the extra diaper station at our house was a game changer. This is compact enough that we have more than enough space and we never had to put it away. We kept ours in the living room and it worked perfectly for quick emergency diaper changes instead of taking our little one into the bedroom to change at the table. Just change and throw the dirty diaper in thediaper pail.

The extra pieces are so easy to remove that you can put your baby in there to play. What's also cool is that there is a pad at the bottom and you can add a sheet if you want. It's safe enough for her son to sleep there. Kids that age tire so easily so it was nice to let our son rest there without worry.

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The best baby parks

The Graco Playard is so lightweight that moving it is virtually effortless. It folds up easily if needed. Plus, it has wheels, so you can move it around the room without folding it. You can always have it where you need it. I loved that ours had wheels. When our son was using it, we put his toys in there and put it in the corner of the room so it was out of the way. That was one of my favorite things.

What other features does this baby play garden offer?

  • Ideal for transitioning from newborn to infant and infant to toddler
  • storage pockets
  • Newborn seat for younger babies to play in (also machine washable)
  • Carry suitcase for travel
  • toy bar
  • Mesh sides for air circulation.
  • easy to clean

This is a great option for a play area for your child. It is in the middle of the price range of the parks. Not only does it provide a safe environment for your baby to play in, but it is so much more. As parents, baby products that serve more than one purpose are always great.

These are the things that set it apart from our second pick. Although this is also a great option if you want to splurge. Read on to see why we picked Baby Care Fun Zone as a runner-up.

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#6:GrowthPic Baby Playpen(Best Low Cost)

The Best Playpens for Babies in 2023 (My Kids Love Them) (12)

With the lowest price compared to all other top picks, this playpen is the best for a tight budget. It's also pretty small at 49 inches long and 25.5 inches wide. While there is still plenty of room for your baby to play. You'll want to consider this for your child if she's looking for an affordable, compact play space. Let's see the most important reasons to choose this product.

inward sloping panels

Something unique you'll notice about the GrowthPic Playpen's design is that the panels slope inward at a slight angle. This is to prevent any chance of tipping over. Babies will push and lean against the walls of the play space and this is normal. It's made this way to ensure your child is safe without sacrificing space.

It is light

GrowthPic's product weight is only 6 pounds, making it the lightest on our list. It also comes with a travel bag, so you can use it anywhere if you want. If you need to move it from one room to another in your house or even outside, it will be very easy.

Why else do we put this on our list?

  • External zipper to prevent your child from trying to escape
  • 12 month warranty
  • Rounded corners that do not scratch the floor.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor environments.
  • mesh walls
  • water resistant fabric

If you are looking for a playpen under $60 that is compact and usable inside and out, this would be the one for you. The main difference between this product and our #5 pick is the price. The GrowthPic is a bit more wallet-friendly. Although it is cheaper, it is still of high quality and provides a safe play space for your child.

What is the difference between Playpens and Play Yards?

You'll notice that some of our picks are called a play yard instead of a playpen. This is because many people use these names interchangeably. The only real difference between them is that some playpens offer the ability to sleep or change diapers. Standard playpens no. Also, playgrounds often have a built-in floor, while a playpen does not. That's why you won't see weight limits when buying a playpen.

Verdict: Your best playground

So this is takeout...

what is it forbest of the best, choose theFortella Cloud Castle collapsible playground. It is the easiest to fold and store when not in use and when moving to other parts of your home or outdoors.

If you're looking for thebest value, choose theEvenflo Versatile Play Space. You can add additional panels to expand the space and it is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Forlarger areas, choose thePlay area for babies. It is the largest of this group and is perfect if you have the space and a suitable budget.

If you want to keep thespend less than $60, choose theGrowthPic Baby Playpen. The design includes waterproof fabric and mesh, and is the lightest.

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If you want what it isbest for travel useand if you're always on the go, choose thebaby portable playpen. It is the easiest of the playgrounds to transport to different places.

if you want thebest player, choose theGraco Pack n Play Playard LX Reversible Seat and Changer. This amusement park has so much to offer you and your child with all its extra features that it feels like an extravagance.

Choosing the best playpen for your child can seem like a daunting task. This guide is designed to help you make the best possible decision for you and your family. Whether you're looking for something like the Graco Play Patio, which packs a few extra purposes, or the travel-friendly Babyseater Play Patio, you really can't go wrong. Plus, there's something on the list for every type of budget. Most parents look at cost first before anything else. Identify what is most important to you and use that information to your advantage. You got it!


How do I choose a baby playpen? ›

Look for a 1-inch firm mattress or pad at the bottom of the playpen. The locks that allow you to lower a side should be out of your baby's reach. Make sure the playpen has well-protected hinges and supports. Look for a playpen with top rails that automatically lock when lifted into the normal position.

What can I use instead of a playpen? ›

Another alternative if you don't have much spare room, is to use a travel cot. Travel cots are an easy way to keep your baby safe and away from potential dangers. Some of them, come with a lot of storage and useful features that a playpen does not have.

Are baby playpens a good idea? ›

Playpens can provide a safe place to put your baby once he or she becomes mobile while you go to the bathroom, or cook dinner, or just get 5 minutes of much-needed mommy time. Many playpens nowadays are multi-purpose. They can be converted to a baby gate, or serve as a secondary changing station.

What playpen to buy? ›

  • Award Winner 2023. Kiddy Cots Playpens. ...
  • Valco 4 and 6 Sides Panel Play Yard. · includes 2 listings. ...
  • Jolly Kidz Majicpanel. 3.8 from 11 reviews. ...
  • Plebani Recinto. 5.0 from 5 reviews. ...
  • Jolly Kidz Smart Square JPP002. ...
  • Veebee Continental Playpen 6 Sided Play Yard. ...
  • TikkTokk NannyPanel. ...
  • Jolly Kidz Smart Hexagonal JPP022.

What type of play is best for children? ›

10 Types of Play for Child Development
  • Unoccupied Play.
  • Independent Play / Solitary Play.
  • Onlooker Play.
  • Parallel Play.
  • Associative Play.
  • Cooperative Play.
  • Dramatic or Fantasy Play.
  • Competitive Play.
Dec 5, 2022

How long do babies stay in playpen? ›

As a general rule, it is best to stop putting the baby in his playpen when he begins to walk on his own, without help, that is to say between approximately 18 and 24 months.

What's the difference between a pack and play and a playpen? ›

The Pack 'n Play is a useful and versatile piece of furniture for parents with a newborn. The bottom line is; playpen is the name of the category, which regroups the free-standing baby gates and the playards. While Pack 'n Play is a famous brand of modern playards.

What age are playpens suitable for? ›

From what age can my baby use a playpen? A playpen comes into its own when your child is just beginning to crawl at about six months or seven months. However, it's a good idea to buy a playpen before your baby's moving around too much, so she can get used to it.

What to buy kids that don't play with toys? ›

31+ Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children
  • Tickets to an event. One of my favorite birthday presents growing up was when my dad took me to the symphony. ...
  • Magazine subscriptions. ...
  • Classes. ...
  • Memberships. ...
  • Dress-up clothes. ...
  • Repurposed play food & kitchen items. ...
  • Their own travel supplies. ...
  • Monthly mail.
Nov 23, 2022

Do babies use playpens anymore? ›

Parents and caretakers use playpens today as places for infants and toddlers to both play and sleep. Playpens are often used by parents and caregivers as substitutes for full-sized cribs when babies nap. Over the years, playpens, portable cribs, and play yards have evolved into virtually identical products.

Can a baby sleep in a playpen all night? ›

For the most part, a pack 'n play comes ready-made as a safe sleeping place for your baby. You likely don't need to make any adjustments to turn it into a safe environment, since it already is one. “As long as it meets the latest consumer product safety ratings, I'm okay with it [for sleep],” says Dr.

Can baby sleep in playpen every night? ›

Is it safe for baby to sleep in Pack N Play every night? Yes, absolutely. A Pack N Play is a perfectly safe alternative to a crib or a bassinet since it meets CPSC standards for infant sleep.

Which is better crate or pen? ›

In general, crates work well during the night. You want your puppy to sleep then (not potter around) and confining him to a small space will make it likely that he wakes you up if he needs to go potty. During the day however, a puppy pen works best.

Is Pack N play Worth It? ›

Do I need a pack and play for a newborn? If you are going to be home of the most of the time and traveling very little, you don't need it. If you frequently go to others' homes, travel, or like to put baby to nap no matter where you are, it's a great buy.

Should I use a pack n play or a crib? ›

The crib will be used for fulltime sleep in the nursery or nursery area and the pack and play is excellent for room sharing during the newborn stage and for additional travel/portability as needed.

What are the 4 types of play with children? ›

Children learn and develop through different types of play.
  • Physical play. Physical play can include dancing or ball games. ...
  • Social play. By playing with others, children learn how to take turns, cooperate and share. ...
  • Constructive play. ...
  • Fantasy play. ...
  • Games with rules.

What is considered the best play of all time? ›

The Top 10 Best Plays of All Time
  • Hamlet. 1600-1601. William Shakespeare.
  • The Crucible. 1953. Arthur Miller.
  • Waiting for Godot. 1948-1949. Samuel Beckett.
  • Antigone. 441 BC. Sophocles.
  • Long Day's Journey into Night. 1941-1942. Eugene O'Neill.
  • The Cherry Orchard. 1904. ...
  • Importance of Being Earnest. 1895. ...
  • A Street Car Named Desire. 1947.
Jan 1, 2012

Which type of play is most typical for babies? ›

The first stage of play is unoccupied play. primarily from birth to three months. This type of play likely doesn't look like play at all. However, when babies observe their surroundings or make random movements that don't seem to have an objective, this is actually unoccupied play.

Can you put a 2 year old in a playpen? ›

Some toddlers love the playpen. Others resist being confined to a small space once they are able to walk and explore. Increase the odds that your child will enjoy this safe space by stocking it with their favorite playthings. A playpen is a good solution for a run to the laundry room or a similar, quick task.

Why do babies throw toys out of playpen? ›

Your child is trying to communicate with you. Since they cannot speak words yet, they use actions such as throwing. Your child is simply trying to figure out how stuff works around him. If you realize what they are trying to say with the action, it will be easier to stop it.

Can you put mattress in playpen? ›

The only mattress that should be used in your Pack N Play is the one that came with it. Graco Consumer Services confirms what we know from the evidence, “For the safety of your child we do not recommend using any after-market mattress or extra soft buntings in our playards.

How big should a playpen be? ›

Most modern baby playpens are made to accommodate children up to 36 inches tall. This is because of the required (by law) height of the sides of a playpen. When taller than 36 inches, most children can climb out or over the sides of a playpen.

What age play is important? ›

Play starts when we are babies, but it does not stop there! Including play in your child's daily routine and giving them time to play is important for their development at every age.

How much weight can a playpen hold? ›

Most playard bassinets have a weight limit of 15lbs. Many infants will max out the weight limit around 4 months. When the infant is able to push up on their hands and knees, you should discontinue use.

What household items do babies like to play with? ›

Household Items That Make Good Toys
  • Pots and pans.
  • Paper towel rolls.
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Plastic containers.
  • Pillows and cushions.
  • Hats, shoes, mittens, and other clothing.
  • Wooden spoons.
  • Silk scarves or other colorful fabric.
Mar 17, 2022

What toys do kids really need? ›

Here are the only 10 types of toys needed for rich, creative play:
  • Blocks. This category spans anything to build with. ...
  • Alternative blocks. ...
  • People/Figures/Characters. ...
  • Animals. ...
  • Vehicles. ...
  • Roads. ...
  • Stuffed animals and dolls. ...
  • Play silks/fabrics and “binding material”

What kind of toys do little kids like? ›

Things to play pretend with—baby dolls, puppets, plastic and wood vehicles with wheels, and water toys. Things to drop and take out—plastic bowls, large beads, balls, and nesting toys. Things to build with—large soft blocks and wooden cubes.

Does Montessori use playpen? ›

If you visit a Montessori Infant classroom, you will find that there are no “containers.” That is, there are no cribs, playpens, pack n plays, bouncers, walkers, or anything that you would put a child IN. This is because Maria Montessori studied the value of freedom of movement in the development of the young child.

How do you keep the baby happy in playpen? ›

Move toys around and encourage your little one to reach for them, roll, or crawl around, exploring the pen. This will help your child understand this is their space, a safe and fun place to play. Reading to your child in the playpen an help them thnk of it as a fun place.

What is the difference between a playpen and cot? ›

However, can they be used interchangeably? Definitely not - the main difference between these accessories is their size and purpose. The travel cot is to be used by the child to sleep, and the playpen for play.

How much weight can the bottom of a Pack N Play hold? ›

Perfect pack n play from birth!

Weight limit is 15lbs for the bassinet but 20lbs for the changing table.

How long should baby sleep in your room? ›

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the best place for a baby to sleep is in his parents' bedroom. He should sleep in his own crib or bassinet (or in a co-sleeper safely attached to the bed), but shouldn't be in his own room until he is at least 6 months, better 12 months.

What does a 2 year old sleep in on vacation? ›

For toddlers, a crib provided by a hotel or even a travel crib may no longer be a good toddler travel sleep option. Inflatable toddler travel beds or even a toddler travel tent (like the KidCo PeaPod Plus toddler travel tent pictured above) is a great alternative.

Should you put pee pad in playpen? ›

You should have a pee pad inside the playpen, which if you're lucky the first couple nights, the pup will pee on it instead of on the floor. Don't lock them in the crate until you've given them time to love it by following the advice below. Keep everything super positive.

Do vets recommend crates? ›

Most veterinarians, trainers, and breeders recommend crate training dogs from a young age. Crate training is an essential part of housebreaking puppies, as dogs don't like to soil their sleeping quarters. They learn to hold their bladder while they're in their crate, so you won't have to clean up messes.

Is a soft crate or hard crate better? ›

By design, soft crates weigh considerably less than plastic or wire crates of a similar size. Generally speaking, they also tend to fold flatter than collapsible wire crates. Each of these factors combine to make them a great choice for dog owners who need to frequently set up and break down their crate.

Should I get bassinet or pack n play? ›

Both bassinets and pack n plays can be safely used for infant sleep. While pack n plays are more versatile and can be used by your child into toddlerhood. Infant bassinets are specifically designed for baby sleep and the comfort of your newborn baby.

Is it better to get a bassinet and pack n play? ›

A pack and play is more of a choice than a necessity for newborns and is usually preferred by parents who want to ensure a safe playing area for their toddlers. However, a bassinet is more like a necessity as it is used to put in newborns for sleep.

Is a playpen better than a crate? ›

In general, crates work well during the night. You want your puppy to sleep then (not potter around) and confining him to a small space will make it likely that he wakes you up if he needs to go potty. During the day however, a puppy pen works best.

Can a baby sleep overnight in a playpen? ›

Playpens are not intended to be used for unsupervised sleep because they do not meet the same safety requirements and are not as durable as cribs. If a change table or bassinet is provided as an accessory for the playpen, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembly and use.

How do you sleep with a baby in a hotel room? ›

If your child sleeps in his own bed at home, he needs to be in his own bed in the hotel. Don't try to bed won't go well for any of you! Many hotels have the option of renting a rollaway crib, or you can bring a bassinet (for smaller babies) or pack'n'play for your child to sleep in while you travel.

What Age Should baby not use bassinet? ›

When to stop using the bassinet. Most babies should transition from the bassinet by 4 - 6 months of age due to safety and comfort factors. Check out the height, weight, and other safety recommendations from your specific bassinet manufacturer.

Do babies sleep better in crib or bassinet? ›

Pros and Cons of a Bassinet
You can keep the baby close to you.Your baby will grow out of it sooner.
Some babies sleep better in the smaller space.It's an added expense since you'll likely need to buy a crib as well.
Bassinets are often lighter and more portable.Some babies won't sleep as well in a confined space.
1 more row
Jan 1, 2023

What is the weight limit for Pack N Play? ›

Perfect pack n play from birth!

Weight limit is 15lbs for the bassinet but 20lbs for the changing table.

How long can a baby stay in a pack and play bassinet? ›

Safety guidelines suggest that you stop placing your baby for sleep in a pack and play once they are more than 35 inches in height or weigh more than 30 pounds, whichever earlier, since each baby has a different growth rate (2).

What is the weight and age limit for pack and play? ›

Most Pack N Plays have a weight limit of 30 pounds and a height limit of 35 inches. Some models don't have a weight limit at all. (We'll get to those shortly). Many children will max out the height limit around 2 years old.

Do babies really need cribs? ›

As part of their recommendations for crib safety and prevention of SIDS, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents use a crib as a sleeping surface for newborns. These recommendations are based on studies and research that indicates that the crib is one of the safest sleep surfaces for infants.

Why use a bassinet instead of a crib? ›

Many people use bassinets because they are smaller in size, making them more portable. Most bassinets also have a cover that can protect the baby during sleep. Also, the sides are lower, so leaning over to get the baby is much easier than with a standard or convertible crib.


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