Testimonials and reviews: Macon, GA and Warner Robins, GA: Axis Spine and Pain (2023)

Yvonne M.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 8/16/22

I was once a patient of Dr. Turn around and get acupuncture treatments for back and hip pain with muscle spasms. I have tried physical therapy, water therapy and pain medication with very little relief and side effects. I even tried chiropractic manipulations that aggravated another condition. I recommended Axis Pain Center not only to my family and friends, but also to a doctor who was suffering from excruciating pain. The practice is clean and the staff is friendly. dr Viradia never fails to address my concerns about my treatments.

April P.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 6/3/22


Tamara S.

5/5 star rating

Sent on 4/15/22

Doctor Covert is an excellent doctor, hardworking, caring and I would recommend him to everyone.

Sandra E.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 9/7/21

dr Viradia has changed my quality of life. Prior to being referred by both my orthopedist and neurosurgeon, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't take deep breaths because the spasms were so terrible. He made me live my life again. He took the time to figure out my back and what works for my back and neck. Dr V and his entire team have always been very attentive and kind to me. If he leaves this area I will go to him, he helped me a lot.

Alice G

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 8/22/21

dr Vijay is the look of a great doctor. He's a great doctor who's hard to find, hard to part with, and impossible to forget. What he did for me is more than a blessing and I cry when I think of his selflessness and caring. thank you dr Vijay, for everything you do.

Paula M.

1/5 star rating

Submitted on 07/27/21

I've seen several doctors in this practice over the years. dr Prep is by far the easiest to talk to and has the best way of handling the bed. However, I was seen by Casey Clark, NP, who did not have the physician in the office at the time to send the pain reliever authorization to the correct entity. I was off pain medication when I discovered this bug. Needless to say, the staff were unresponsive and bothered by my calls to correct this and treat my pain. They didn't care about the patient. Well, excuse me. I would NEVER recommend this practice to anyone.

Ricardo v.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 02/17/21

Had severe back pain for over a year. I went to a neurosurgeon and he referred me to Axis. dr VJ and his team diagnosed me and explained the procedure to me. I am now pain free without medication. dr VJ and his team were very professional and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you very much!

Joanna R.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 02/12/21

I only have good things to say about Access Pain Center as a whole and Dr. Vijay and Dr. tell Viradia in private. The practice team is always very nice. Their friendliness and camaraderie define the entire visit. Then the facility itself is well maintained and very, very clean. The various nurses who come into the exam room to discuss what has happened since your last visit are also exceptionally pleasant and thorough. You know they really care about what you're doing. Then you will be both for Dr. Vijay as well as Dr. Viradia reassures. They explain their procedure to you at the in-office consultation, and when you have the actual procedure they tell you what they are doing as they do it so you have a better understanding of what is going on. They go out of their way to make your procedures stress free! His concern for his patients is evident in everything he does. So they both perform the procedures so precisely that the procedures are painless. Plus, they "hit the mark" and you'll feel better almost immediately. After all, both gentlemen are extremely kind and a pleasure to be with. There is nothing cold and clinical about this facility, so myself and other patients I know look forward to our appointments! Finally, I must add that I would recommend Access Pain Center to anyone!

Gregor J.

5/5 star rating

Sent on 12/07/20

When a procedure really messed me up during surgery, my surgeon referred me here after nearly 2 months of excruciating pain and 24/7 anesthetics. dr Viradia dumped me not once but twice!! The first procedure reduced my pain by 50% and with the second my pain decreased by 80% and I haven't been on the pill for 3 weeks! Not only is he amazing, EVERY person we meet is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in a medical setting! Nothing but praise from me!

Yvonne M.

5/5 star rating

Sent on 06/05/20

I am being treated with acupuncture by Dr. Viradia. The acupuncture treatments I feel last longer than the injections I've had in my passport. I manage to manage my pain with acupuncture treatments without damaging my stomach by using strong painkillers and I have had reactions to some medications. The office and staff contribute to a calming atmosphere.

Paige P.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 12/14/19

dr Viradia is absolutely wonderful. He is always very concerned about my pain and finds ways to alleviate it. His medical assistants are also very caring and friendly. My pain has improved tremendously since the botox injection.

Kevin B.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 11/24/19

I cannot emphasize how helpful Dr. Vijay was for me. I was on a daily routine of pain meds and endless back problems. He managed to control me enough to take a Tylenol once or twice a month for my back. He and his entire team are a real asset to the Middle Ga region. The waiting room, examination rooms and treatment room are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness. The staff is always very competent and courteous. Sometimes the wait can be a little long, but once you experience the effectiveness of your treatment, you should understand why. Thank you all for your support and the freedoms you have given me back.

Carol D.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 10/25/19

I initially chose Dr. Bryan Covert due to his excellent qualifications. Not only did I understand that, he is also a wonderful and kind person. He always has his patient in mind. It has helped me enormously with the occipital neuralgia that I have had for a long time. I can live a pretty normal life. This is wonderful.

Francisco R.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 10/21/19

I was referred by my orthopedist to Dr. He referred Bryan Covert because I didn't want any more invasive back and hip surgery. When I went to a consultation, Dr. Took the time to explain all my options and helped me make an alternative decision to surgery. I know that only GOD can take care of me without pain, but Dr. Covert gave me the chance to live with minimal pain and without medication. I feel he cares about my health which is why I trust him and the Axis Pain Center to provide pain management to all of his patients.

Cindy G.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 10/17/19

I have been a patient of Dr for many years. Viradia and I am very happy with the treatment I received. dr Viradia always strives to provide excellent, state-of-the-art care. He is kind and caring and cares about his patients.

Cindy G.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 10/17/19

dr Viradia always strives to provide excellent, state-of-the-art care. He is kind and caring and cares about his patients.

Michel H.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 4/9/19

i love dr patel He is a very good doctor and such a nice person.

Angela T.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 3/4/19

I am very satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Viradia and other Axis employees. dr Viradia always takes the time to listen to my concerns about neck and shoulder pain. The injections I get have helped my pain tremendously. I can dr recommend Viradia for pain management.

Denise O.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 02/21/19

I have been going to the AXIS pain clinic for many years. Dr Vijay Thillainathan is so caring, compassionate and exceptional with his care and surgical results for me. I highly recommend using this Axis Pain Clinic and the affiliated Lakeview Surgery Center if you suffer from chronic pain.

Tony H.

5/5 star rating

Submitted on 02/20/19

It was a great experience.

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