Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (2023)

Nowadays, a product that has gained immense popularity is thebone conduction glasses. Both consumers and big tech companies have been very interested in products that have unique and useful features that enhance the user experience.

With companies all over the world promoting their eyewear, it's difficult for you as a consumer to know which pair is right for you.In a sea of ​​bone conduction glasses, which one is the best?I did some research to help you out.

You can use headphones to drive...

Can bone conduction headphones be used with glasses? - University of headphones

For a quick overview, check out the comparison chart below. Clicking on the product name will quickly take you to the review section for that specific product.

device nameWeight
Battery life (standby/playback)
Current best choice:
Zungle V2 Víbora / Lince
1.76 ounces (50 g)100 hours / 4 hoursCheck the price (Zungle)
Check the price (Amazon)
Best alternative:
Bose audio frames
45 g (1.59 ounces)12h / 3,5hCheck the price (Amazon)
VocalSkull Alien 532 g (1.13 ounces)240 hours / 4 hoursCheck the price (Amazon)
AcTek1.94 ounces (55 g)400 hours / 5 hoursCheck the price (Amazon)
Ossii sound glasses1.73 ounces (49 g)24h / 3hConsult Price (Ossii)
leave the glasses27 g (0.95 ounces)240 hoursCheck the price (LET glass)
vue smart glasses28 g (0.99 ounces)72 hours / 3 hoursConsult Price (Vue)

Zungle VP 2 Viper & Lynx - Keeps sound right where you want it

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (1)

For me and many others, the newest model of smart glasses released by Zungle is hands down the best pair of bone conduction glasses you can buy right now. Even though it objectively wasn't the best on the market, I stillRecommend a novice to try them as a first taste of the smart glasses world.

That said, I have to say that when Zungle released the Panther (their first generation audio sunglasses), to say it paid off would be an overstatement. The product was a disaster. The touchpad continued to malfunction, the sound quality was abysmal to say the least. Also, the sound leak was so bad that you have to wonder how this product could have even been released.

Fortunately, with the release of the Zungle Viper & Lynx, their second attempt at producing smart audio glasses, we can safely say that they have righted the mistake made with their disastrous first release.

Now, they've hit the market with the Zungle V2, which also comes in two versions: theZungle V2 Viperit's himJungle Line V2. The first features a Wayfarer style, while the second has a more rounded style, making it more versatile.

Compared to the Zungle Viper & Lynx, these babies have received some great upgrades. Firstly, the developers gave these smart audio glassesbluetooth 5.0. Also, and probably most importantly, the device manufacturers reallytook the time to fix the issues related to sound leaking. They installed a system that monitors and regulates your sound leakage to ensure the user has the best possible experience. Talk about learning from your mistakes!

(Video) Hifuture EY+ Glasses: चस्मा बाटै गीत सुन्न मिल्ने 😮

In addition, version 2 glasses haveAI voice assistance. This is an app that works like Siri and Google Assistant on smartphones. Cool right?

The only downside is that the battery capacity of the glasses has been significantly reduced. Starting from 300 mAh, now just giving users115mAh juice. Another thing to mention is that these are heavier than their predecessor,weighing 50gcompared to 45g in the previous model.

Thankfully, Zungle took their time creating this beauty. Thosegases look classy and classy, which is great considering many people think smart glasses don't look very trendy. Now, objectively, these glasses aren't a larger-than-life upgrade to the Zungle Panther, but they are definitely an improvement! With these glasses, you can listen to music, answer calls and immerse yourself in a world where sound is taken to the next level.

Even more importantly, some reviewers have given this pair of glasses rave reviews. According toone,there was almost no sound leakage and the sound quality was excellent. To increase the sound quality, the developers added a dual-spring bone conduction speaker system.


  • Great sound and leak control.
  • bluetooth 5.0
  • It takes a little time to load (just under an hour)
  • Practical and easy to use AI button
  • elegant and sophisticated design


  • A little heavier than the original model.
  • Requires Zungle's own charger (instead of normal micro USB or USB C)
  • For some head formats, adjusting the frames to get the best audio quality is a bit tricky.
  • Some people have reported that eyeglass frames break very easily.

All things considered, these glasses are definitely worth considering. Go ahead and check it out atZungle official websitethe enamazonas. From time to time, great deals on these glasses may appear, allowing you to snag a pair at a discount.

BoseFrames Audio sunglasses

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (2)

I don't think this list is complete without mentioning one of the leading (and indeed most popular) companies in the sound industry: Bose!Bose has a long tradition of producing devices that focus specifically on improving the user's ability to perceive sound.who could be considered leading pioneers in modern technology. With over fifty years in the game, they are a household name.

That said, objectively, considering this is a guide on how to buy the best bone conduction glasses, it shouldn't include these glasses, as this device doesn't work with this type of technology. what you have istiny Bose speakers installed that are very high quality.

However, I thought it appropriate to include it, because although they are not bone conduction glasses, they are audio glasses after all. For some purposes (and outdoor environments), the sound quality of these glasses is better than those that work with bone conduction.

Bose decided to use some very good quality materials to make these glasses: we're talking nylon rims and metal hinges. However, many people agree that theeyeglass frames look cheapand for some, too thick.

Helenses offer a great visual experienceand are made of a material that makes ithard to get scratchesor any kind of damage for that matter. For the creators of Bose, comfort and durability are key: they want when they buy these glasses to last a long time.

That said, a number of consumers weren't particularly impressed with these guys. For those who like to hear bass, sorry, but theseGlasses probably won't give you that signature Bose soundyou are looking for.

There are almost no traces of bass effect. Furthermore, as it does not depend on bone conduction,if you are in an extremely noisy environment, you will have difficulty listening to music. Compared to Zungle, Bose Frames Audio sunglasses don't work well in very noisy places. While this is the case, when it comes tohear higher-pitched sound (e.g. podcasts, phone calls), Bose wins the challenge.

Honestly, with these glasses, deciding whether to choose them over a brand like Zungle (or VocalSkull) is entirely up to taste and what you're looking for. Below, I've highlighted the pros and cons of these glasses to help you better decide whether to go ahead and make this purchase.


  • The lenses of the glasses offer a decent viewing experience.
  • Bluetooth range is excellent
  • Bose audio augmented reality enabled. You will automatically receive future updates that improve the solution.
  • Great quality when listening to high frequency audio but bad bass.


  • Eyeglass frames look cheap and too clumsy to many.
  • Requires its own charging cable (instead of micro USB or USB C)
  • Unable to control the volume of the glasses frame (must be done through the connected device)
  • The sound experience depends directly on the environment (noise) in which the user is.
  • People have reported that the sound level is very low even at maximum volume.

When it comes to them, assess your needs and choose wisely. The glasses are great for taking calls and listening to podcasts/audiobooks (also music if bass isn't your top priority). However, they likely have more perspective with the augmented reality solution Bose is developing. If the product has piqued your interest, they are available atamazonas.

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (3)

Following Bose's latest product, we have the VocalSkull Alien 5 sunglasses online. We really have to support the brand and the tech company.VocalSkullfor releasing such a stellar pair of smart glasses.

Like Zungle, the VocalSkull Alien 5 sunglasses are actually the brand's second generation product which, incidentally, has garnered great critical acclaim and positive reviews from users. However, we must give VocalSkull even more credit for the way they hit the market with their first generation product.

Most brands that produce bone conduction products typically pitch the product to a crowd during which there are at least preliminary tests to catch any overlooked hiccups. Furthermore, it also allows brands to get an idea of ​​how consumers react to the product. VocalSkull had none of that - they were released directly from Amazon.

(Video) New AR glasses allow deaf people to ‘see’ conversations by turning audio into subtitles

Talk about confidence! They had no fear: launching on Amazon without prior consumer feedback. They welcomed any kind of negativity or possible backlash from the public with open arms. VocalSkull wanted consumers to attack them with whatever flaws they had so they could go back to the drawing board and improve their craft.

FYI, I did some research, and the model that precedes the VocalSkull Alien 5 is simply called the VocalSkull. There is no Alien 2, 3 or 4. It's a bit of an odd way to name your products, in my opinion. But hey, none of my business.

Moving forward cautiously, in terms of design and aesthetic appeal, the VocalSkull Alien 5 looks essentially the same as its predecessor model. The main difference is that its developers changed the vibrator from a balanced armature to a more interesting dynamic driver, also known as a moving coil driver. Based on statements released by VocalSkull, this was a necessary change. It dramatically improved the sound quality of the glasses and also helped to reduce sound leakage.

Compared to its closest real bone conduction glasses competitor, the Zungle Viper, VocalSkull's latest release is on par in its sound quality and ability to control leaks. Plus, it's actually the cheaper pair between the two brands, although it must be said that the VocalSkull Alien 5 isn't quite as sleek and high-tech as Zungle's product.

TheVocalSkull's second-generation smart glasses are made from a super lightweight material. As a result, it only weighs 32g. This is great as the user feels more comfortable wearing it compared to other heavier smart glasses. The glasses are also powered by a 250mAh battery, although that's not exactly the biggest discovery ever. These smart glasses have the same features as most of their generation; Excellent sound quality and minimal sound leakage.

Looking at customer thoughts, generally speaking, users are very satisfied with this product. They praised the fit, comfort and overall look of the glasses, stating that they are definitely some of the best bone conduction glasses on the market.

That said, not everyone was happy with VocalSkull's second-generation glasses. One customer complained that the sound quality was nothing to brag about. Furthermore, when he tried to connect the glasses to his iPod, the volume was extremely low, making it difficult for him to enjoy the "ultimate sound" experience.

Just to recap, here are the pros and cons of VocalSkull's newest Alien 5 glasses:


  • Extremely lightweight, allowing for a comfortable fit
  • It is able to control sound leakage quite effectively.
  • It has a vibrator that provides better sound quality to the user.


  • Bluetooth 4.1, not exactly the latest technology on the market
  • The plastic arms of the glasses give the product a low-end feel.

With that being said, these bone conduction glasses are some of the best available right now. Officially, these babies are sold inVocalSkull websitesaw himamazonas. Be sure to check them out if you're interested in purchasing a pair of bone conduction glasses!

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (4)

Developed by Actek, I must say that these AcTek bone conduction glasses are not exactly the most popular on the market. The brand is not widely recognized nor popular to be honest. Perhaps the company's decision to rename from Bj Vison to AcTek contributed to the low visibility of its products. After all, having multiple names tends to confuse people (including me).

That said, even though Actek is not that popular among the smart glasses community, it doesn't detract from the fact that they are providing a reasonably good product for consumers. Especially for the price they sell (consult last pricein the Amazon)

Maybe it has to do with the target market, specifically the one for whom the product is considered to be the best. These groups of people include cyclists, professional runners, joggers and most great athletes. What is also interesting is that these smart glasses are recommended for taxi drivers and even couriers. Why? What is so special about these guys and why are these glasses considered a great addition to these people's lives?

The reason why Actek Bone Conduction is the Holy Grail for these people is that it is the perfect way to stay connected to the world without having to be physically connected to the rest of the world. Makes sense? To explain, due to the nature of the work these people do, it can be a little tricky to make and receive phone calls at work.

Fortunately, Actek bone conduction glasses offer a unique and ingenious solution to these problems. Users can keep their eyes and ears free to listen to anything. They can also accept and receive calls with the simple touch of a touchpad. Talk about convenience, right?

As for how they work, the glasses come well equipped to guarantee users an experience above the rest. Through vibrations, the glasses transmit the sound waves directly to the skull. By doing so, it allows the user to perceive external sound even while listening to music. Therefore, it is safer than most headphones or headphones that completely block external sound.

Regarding the specifications of these smart glasses, they feature a frequency between 2,402 and 2,480 Ghz. The AcTek goggles have Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity and a pretty decent 140mAh 3.7v Li-Ion battery. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. The glasses are quite heavy compared to competitors, weighing in at 55 grams.

(Video) Lenovo's budget Bone Conduction Headphones $36! Lenovo X3 Pro In-Depth Review!

The reviews I've seen on Amazon seem to suggest that this product is a pretty decent pair of bone conduction glasses, although one customer wasn't very happy with their purchase. He is apparently partially deaf and expected to make a louder sound than he ended up receiving. The problem with this product is that because it's so unpopular, it's hard to find multiple reviews that can help form a complete opinion about it.

In my opinion, I feel that this product is factually decent and that its unpopularity is due specifically to bad marketing and branding, not because it has any reported defects. That said, I'm a little hesitant to recommend people buy it considering there aren't many reviews written about it.See the product on Amazonto get a better idea if this is a pair of glasses you'd like to try.

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (5)

Then we have the Ossii Sound Glasses, developed and created by Ossii, a company that prides itself on producing an impeccable sound system. Quite a bold claim, especially considering there are a lot of really good bone conduction glasses on the market.

Also, it's not like they've been in business that long. Ossii was first released in 2016. For the creators, they knew they needed to create ingenious technology that is relevant to people's lives today. How they came up with smart glasses was really a sad coincidence.

When they initially started brainstorming possible ideas for creating a unique yet relevant piece of technology, the developers learned of the death of a mother and her three children at the hands of a truck driver - he was on the phone. How many times have we heard horrific stories of innocent civilians losing their lives due to driver negligence? How many ads and fines do we have to implement to force people not to use their phones while driving?

They were so moved by the tragic news that they knew right then and there that they needed to develop a product that would help reduce horrible deaths like this one. With that, they developed a device that would have the dual function of connecting the user with the outside world and allowing that person to be aware of their surroundings.

Based on these babies' specs, we think it's fair to say that they deserve a place among the best smart glasses in the world. Why? That's how! Regarding its design and composition, these glasses are elegant, elegant and sophisticated. For designers, it was very important to create a product that is beautiful and practical to use. Plus, it's made from titanium, which is one of the best materials you can find for making glasses.

Now let's get to the actual essential specs. These glasses have a cool feature that allows you to instantly change what you're seeing through the lens depending on your surroundings. This is made possible by a 3-point locking system and a tool-free metal trim that clips onto the device.

Furthermore, what is also really cool is the fact that both the lens and the speakers can be removed without any difficulty. So if you just want a regular pair of sunglasses, you can easily achieve this look. The material is also water and dust resistant, which reduces the appearance of wear and tear.

This pair of smart glasses is also designed to ensure you have the flexibility to adjust the bone conductor to help enhance your listening experience. They also claim to reduce sound leakage by 90%. As for the battery, it can last up to 24 hours on standby and takes just under an hour to fully charge. The gadget has Bluetooth 4.2 for device connectivity.

Okay, now that we know the general facts: what do users have to say about these glasses? Well, one customer wasn't too happy with how the frame's legs were made thicker. Most are also not satisfied with the weight - 49 g is simply not enough for some.

To remind you, here are some of the advantages listed for these glasses:

  • The ability to change lenses in the blink of an eye
  • personalization properties
  • The fact that the temple tips can be fully adjusted to suit the user's needs

All in all, Ossii sound glasses are definitely worth a try. get yours atIndiegogo.

leave the glasses

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (6)

Another pretty decent pair of smart glasses to grace our list is none other than the LET Glasses produced by, you guessed it: LET Glass. Speaking of creativity, right? Basically, what LET Glass has done with its pair of smart glasses is to integrate what is traditionally a device used to improve vision with 21calletechnology of the century By doing so, they can help improve the sound quality for people all over the world and join the crazy trend of smart glasses.

These guys do pretty much everything most smart glasses do these days; make and receive calls, listen to music: it works. What's really nice is that the developers haven't sacrificed the product's aesthetic appeal for the sake of all these plugins. The glasses still have what I call the three S's: a smooth, lean and elegant look.

(Video) Car Thieves vs the Final GlitterBomb 5.0

They also feature Alexa along with a built-in microphone that allows users to remotely control their smartphones without having to lift a finger, if you don't want to, of course. The LET glasses also allow the flexibility of lightly tapping the legs of the smart glasses to remotely control the selected device.

Because these glasses use bone conduction technology, vibrations are sent through the tiny bones in the ear of the glasses to produce sound. Surprisingly, these glasses have a pretty long lifespan: and I say surprisingly because, despite all the additional features, the battery doesn't drain quickly. In power saving mode, these glasses can last up to 10 days – yes folks, ten days. Even crazier is the fact that they only take 30 minutes to fully charge. Weighing just 27 grams, they are also quite light.

The only problem with these glasses is that they are extremely new to the market. There are hardly any reviews written about them, nor has there been much reporting on the user experience to really gauge whether this is a really good product. I've outlined the advantages of these smart glasses below so you can decide if it's worth the money.


  • head activation
  • Variety in the choice of frame type
  • magnetic charge
  • Paquete Zero Waste VR-Ready

If the product piques your interest, you can get somesite LET.

VueSmart glasses

Best Bone Conduction Glasses 2022: Buyers Guide | Smart Glasses Center (7)

Another really exciting release to hit the market, the Vue Smart glasses could be the future of bone conduction glasses as we know them. I mean, they're the only company that actually calls their smart glasses "smart" - how bold is that? Clearly they are making a statement that they are not going to play around!

Compared with LET glasses, Vue smart glasses have almost identical features: but as we know, it hardly counts! These bad boys are equipped with a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. These quotas allow the glasses to better track the wearer's activity; including tracking calories, how many steps you've taken, and even if you've been sitting too long.

Honestly, considering all their features and sensors, I think they have every right to call themselves "smart". For future models, I wouldn't even be surprised if they release a pair of smart glasses that can monitor your heart rate.

The more I talk about this product, the more excited I get. The device has a useful life of up to seven days in standby mode. That's right, seven whole days! They also have a wireless charging case, which means you can go wireless! You no longer have to worry about tangles!

Forgot where you put your glasses? You can track their whereabouts with the elegant "Find My Glasses" feature. What is also great is the fact that it has an ARM Cortex-M3 processor installed which provides amazing software support for various applications. These smart glasses can do it all.

What's the biggest problem with them? The fact that they were not released - that is! They were scheduled to hit the market in March 2018, but that never happened, nor have they been released yet. I already spoke briefly about the continuous delay of the glasses also in one of myprevious posts

Whatever the case, when and if they are released they are going to take the bone conduction glasses market by storm, I know it! Keep an eye out for them on Amazon. In the meantime, here are the pros and cons of Vue smart glasses


  • It weighs 28 grams, so it is extremely light.
  • wireless charging case
  • Waterproof
  • Oval shaped support.
  • Dedicated application support
  • Greater gesture control
  • Open API for developers


  • It hasn't been released yet...


In short, bone conduction glasses are all the rage these days, and companies are doing everything they can to produce the best pair for the consumer's needs. That said, there are still many differences in the type of experiences offered by the market leaders in smart glasses that a shopper should be aware of.

Objectively speaking,languagewill likely offer the best experience in terms of true bone conduction technology. However, if bone conduction technology is not important to you, thenboseIt is the product I would choose.

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How Do Bone Conduction Sunglasses Work? Bone conduction headphones sunglasses can connect to your phone, tv, and laptop. They can deliver a clear sound directly into your inner ear by bypassing the outer ear. However, they can do this without blocking out background noise.

Do Bose frames use bone conduction? ›

It's probably not fair to have Bose Frames here since it is actually not bone conduction. This is a pair of Bluetooth audio glasses with miniaturized high-quality Bose speakers. We have it on our list because those who need audio sunglasses with high sound quality may find this better than bone conduction sunglasses.

Can I wear bone conduction headphones with glasses? ›

Yes! They sit quite comfortably with glasses. You can put them on in either order, glasses or headphones first, and they'll be just as comfortable.

What are the most advance smart glasses? ›

10 BEST Augmented Reality Glasses (Smart Glasses) In 2023
  • Comparison Table of Best Smart Glasses.
  • #1) Oculus Quest 2.
  • #2) Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Smartphone Powered Augmented Reality Experience.
  • #3) MERGE AR/VR Headset.
  • #4) Microsoft HoloLens 2.
  • #5) Magic Leap One.
  • #6) Epson Moverio BT-300.
Feb 20, 2023

What is better than bone conduction? ›

The inner ear is more sensitive to sound via air conduction than bone conduction (in other words, air conduction is better than bone conduction). In the presence of a purely unilateral conductive hearing loss, there is a relative improvement in the ability to hear a bone-conducted sound.

What are the disadvantages of bone conduction? ›

Bone conduction headphones usually rest on your temples. Because of this, wearing bone conduction headphones can get uncomfortable or cause headaches. Some users have even reported vertigo or dizziness when using them. These effects are mostly due to the vibrations used to transmit the sound through the cheekbones.

Can other people hear bone conduction glasses? ›

Therefore, bone conduction headphones still must emit the same frequencies and vibrations to reach your cochlea, meaning some sound will be heard to those around you due to the lack of seal.

Can other people hear your music Bose frames? ›

Bose Frames are essentially wearable speakers, meaning they leak sound, meaning people nearby can hear something, even if it's just nonsensical noise. The external noise cancellation eliminates the bulk of the annoyance, but if you turn up the volume past 60% or so, you're going to get some looks.

What area is most vulnerable through bone conduction? ›

Two important areas affected by bone conduction are the vestibular system and the vagus nerve.

What is the difference between Shokz and AfterShokz? ›

The Shokz OpenRun Pro Bone Conduction are the upgraded, next generation of the AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction. While both headphones are comfortable, the OpenRun Pro have a significantly better carrying case and better overall battery performance. They also have a companion app that offers two EQ presets.

What does OSHA say about bone conduction headphones? ›

You can wear iheadbones stereo headsets while wearing your OSHA approved protective headgear or earplugs. When you are working to the audio you want, your shift flies by! Construction workers, factory workers, landscapers, and anyone who need to obey OSHA rules or who need to wear ear protection can wear iheadbones.

Can deaf people hear with bone conducting headphones? ›

Bone conduction technology allows people with deafness to hear, helps tech-heads talk, and lets swimmers listen to music underwater. Find out more. For people with some forms of hearing loss, where sound cannot take the natural path from the outer to the inner ear, bone conduction can help them get round the issue.

What style glasses make you look younger? ›

Generally, warm-colored frames can make you appear younger. Warm tones suit most faces, especially browns, burgundies, berry tones, and jewel tones. Of course, you should choose a color that suits your skin tone. It can also be helpful to choose shinier materials to give your eyes an extra sparkle.

Are smart glasses worth it? ›

Some smart glasses even have AR features to enable you to see beyond the screen in front of you. Smart glasses are worth it for anyone who wants to be connected while remaining hands-free whether you're in an office environment, exercising or taking out the dog.

What hearing level is bone conduction? ›

Bone conduction thresholds should be between 0–25 dB in the range of frequencies 500 Hz and 4,000 Hz.

What are the two types of bone conduction? ›

Your type and degree of hearing loss will determine what kind of bone conduction device you need. There are two main types -- nonsurgical and surgical.

Is bone conduction just a speaker? ›

Bone-conduction headphones send sound waves through your skull instead of your ear drum. This lets you hear what you're listening to without the need to put tiny speakers in or on your ear. It's like the music—or podcast—magically appears inside your head!

Can bone conduction headphones cause vertigo? ›

Bone conduction headphones have been known to cause vertigo in some headphone users. Their design leaves the ear open to outside aural interference. This interference causes an imbalance of fluids within the ear muscles in certain users, which then causes their balance to be thrown off.

Is bone conduction real? ›

Bonephones use a method called bone conduction audio technology. In this method, a transducer converts audio data to vibrations, which travel along the user's bone structure to the cochlea, an inner ear structure that transmits the information along the auditory nerve as a signal to the brain.

Do bone conduction headphones emit radiation? ›

It was found that the use of bone conduction hearing implants may cause a statistically significant increase in the level of localized SAR values in the head of an implant user—caused by EMF exposure at a frequency of 13.56 MHz emitted from RFID HF readers.

Can you talk on the phone with bone conduction headphones? ›

Yes, some bone-conduction headphones are equipped with a microphone so you can answer calls on the go. While the headphones themselves can't employ any passive or active noise cancellation to enhance your listening experience, some models can use technology to make calls crisp and clear.

Is bone conduction better for your ears? ›

Rather, listeners are at risk of cochlear damage from overuse of any type of earphone. The fact that these earphones use bone-conduction transducers does not inherently make them any safer than any other earphone, as bone-conducted sound is transduced by the cochlea similarly to air-conducted sound.

How do smart glasses play music? ›

Smart Glasses Audio Capability

Instead of speakers, some smart glasses transfer sound to the ear bone (cochlea) rather than through the air. This process is known as bone conduction. It involves sending vibrations from the glasses to the ear bone and bypasses the eardrum.

How long do Bose Frames last? ›

Battery life is listed as eight hours, and that's lined up with my experience so far. The sunglasses take roughly an hour to charge back to 100 percent. Bose's mobile app lets you update the sunglasses' firmware, but there aren't any EQ controls or other options that adjust their performance.

What do audiophiles think of Bose? ›

Audiophiles don't like Bose because Bose doesn't make products marketed to them. Most vocally outspoken audiophiles can't seem to comprehend a reason why people would listen to audio other than the pure enjoyment of listening to music.

Can Bose Frames answer calls? ›

Yes, you can talk on the phone using your Bose frames. All you have to do is press the button on the right side of the lens to answer calls. You can as k google or Siri to place your calls.

Is bone conduction ever worse than air conduction? ›

In summary, bone conduction thresholds can be worse or better –by 10 dB and rarely 15 dB- than air conduction in the absence of conductive impairment. Bone conduction thresholds should not be used for determining disability unless there is conductive hearing loss.

Why can't bone conduction be worse than air conduction? ›

Since a loss of sensitivity in part of a system cannot exceed the loss in the whole system, bone-conduction thresholds can- not be worse than air-conduction thresholds.

Do you have to wear earplugs with bone conduction headphones? ›

The answer is yes. Bone conduction headphones work with earplugs. Depending on the type of earplug you use—foam, reusable, wax or silicone putty—the headphones' sound character (and volume) changes. I would say they sound better with earplugs than without.

Does bone conduction damage hearing? ›

While they have several safety and design advantages over traditional headphones, bone-conduction headphones can still damage hearing when music or sound is played at high volumes.

What is the success rate of bone conduction implant? ›

Safety: Level 4 evidence showed that BAHA has been be implanted safely in adults and children with success rates of 90% or higher in most studies.

Are bone conduction good for you? ›

This feature offers many benefits: Since bone-conduction headphones are not in-ear devices, you can still hear sounds from your surroundings – improving safety for those more active music listeners. Due to this bypassing technology, bone conduction also favors users with hearing impairments such as eardrum damage.

What are the risks of bone conduction hearing aid? ›

Soft tissue complications are much more common and most often involve irritation of the skin surrounding the implant. Other complications include: skin flap necrosis, wound dehiscence, bleeding or hematoma formation, and persistent pain. Bone complications are classified as either early or late.

Is bone conduction better than in ear? ›

Headphones outperform bone conduction headphones for the immersive sound quality of their audio playback. Unfortunately, bone conduction headphones just can't deliver the same stereo imaging as traditional earbuds do.

What is the difference between cochlear and bone conduction? ›

Cochlear implants are for severe to profound hearing loss, whereas bone conduction implants are for mild to severe hearing loss; conductive hearing loss, single sided deafnessor mixed hearing loss. Those with mixed hearing loss and conductive hearing loss have a functioning cochlea.


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