16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (2023)

Have you ever wondered what people say about your brand?You can follow every time someone mentions your brand and overall reach.

Today, we cover the advantages of your brand brands, as you can evaluate which brands -the ceremony is the best and a comprehensive detail of the main tools you should take into consideration for your needs.

(Or directly toMain tools to mention the mark below.))

What are the tools to mention the brand?

The tools for brand failures are exactly what they look like -tools they hear and pursue what is said about their on -line brand and on social media platforms.Brands -Menation (usually called brand recognition or social hearing tools) usually the simplest and most effective.

These are software that was created in particular to find, follow and react to discussions about your brand and can help you interact better with your target market.

Main characteristics of brands mention tools

Tools for the brand statement help all companies monitor how far their brand has spread and where their brand is in the competitive scenario.

We have listed some main functions of the brands mention the software below:

  • Persecuted and created warnings for all mentions to your brand in real time on various platforms
  • Persecute what people say about their competitors so they can better position their mark to use the possibilities in which their competitors fall
  • You can insert the right conversations of the Relevant Keywords Tracks for your brand
  • Analyzes how your brand performs on -line based on your data mentioned
  • Monitors the reach of your brand and how people come into contact with your brand

Advantages of brand mention

Brands generally mention intended for everything that is said on -line about a brand that does not come directly from the brand itself.

Even the most famous brands focus on people's lead.In other words, they know how important it is to generate brand expectations and awareness.Brand recognitionand reputation management strategy.

  • If a brand does not pay attention to what people say online and promotes fire, so to speak, you do not know how to constantly deliver, what people want.What's up with your brand that loves your customers and what should you improve?If you hear the brand, you will receive the inner spoon.
  • Brands expectations are a good announcement to the feeling that your brand involves.How do people feel about their products and services?
  • With real time data, you can take the brilliant mentions when it appears.This allows you to thank people who support your business immediately and reproduce the mention of mentionContent generated by users.
  • On the other hand, if you feel negative (true or false), you can act quickly and keep your negative messages.

Alternatives to tools for the brands mentioned

Perhaps the brands -Software are not what you are looking for.These other tools will help you strengthen brand knowledge and manage your reputation. However, you have important differences for brands tools.

  • Brand Analysis Tools:Analyze which times are best suited to deal with your audience.Brand.Note that some brand mention also contains brand analysis functions.
  • Social Media Management -Tools:Lining of social media posts in advance for automatic publications and monitoring the performance of their contributions.For social media management tools that do not seek any mentionStoryHeapETailwind.
  • Influencer -marketing -Software:These tools will help you find influencers or short -term representatives of your brand to talk about you.They also help track and manage influencer campaigns and communicate with influencers.Focus on tracking which specific users (influencers) say.
  • Brand ambassador software:These tools will help you find and manage long -term representatives of your brand.This category overlaps something with the brand's means software.Number and content of your mentions (you can define them as ambassador).ambassadorThe software also helps to manage and look for ambassador campaigns that the brand's mention tool is not usually doing.
  • Recommendation -Market Software:This software motivates your customers to share your brand with your friends through a formalized recommendation program that simplifies and incorporates sharing.Recommendation programAnd yes, it helps them to improve brand knowledge, but it is notBrands mention the softwareBecause it doesn't follow what people say about them on the internet.
  • Affiliate -Marketing -Software:Affiliate marketing programs are used by companies to compensate for individuals or other companies (their affiliated companies) to publish new customers.This usually occurs through a link that the partner puts on their websites, social media and other platforms.
  • Reputations -tools:The tools mentioned in the brand fall into this wider category, but the story has much more.OthersBrand reputation management tools include review management software, SEO tools (such asAhrefs) and customer satisfaction survey -Software (asNPS -Software).
  • Customer Experience Management Software (CX):Monitor all aspects of a customer's journey collecting customer feedback, purchasing history and other individual customer ideas to easily monitor their satisfaction.In a way, it is a stage of customer satisfaction software.QualityIt is an example of customer experience software.

Our evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteriaDescription
PriceHow much does the software cost?What different plans are available?Do you need to force a whole year or are available monthly plans?
Free demotion or test versionDoes the company offer a free testing or demonstration time so you can try the software before you buy?
Evaluation EvaluationHow do existing branded tool users evaluate the software?Based on a total number of points from the top retention site, our 5 -star evaluation is and indicates how many people were included in the software check.
Social Media ChannelsCover the brand mentions that the tool covers all social media channels or is specializing in monitoring selected social networks?
Main featuresWhat functions make this brand mention?

Tools mentioned by brand: the comprehensive list

Using our evaluation criteria, we have put together a list of the main tools for the mentioned brands.In the following table, all the software we dealt with in this article is listed.To try.

Observation:The software is not listed in any order of the classification or recommendation.Our goal is to set up a selected source for brand mention tools and provide a clear image of all available options.

Social hearing toolPreisFree demotion or test versionSocial Media ChannelsEvaluation Evaluation
ICONOSQUAREStarts at US $ 29EInstagram, Facebook4.3 (111 reviews)
BrandwatchContact with pricesEFor4.1 (267 reviews)
To scoreStarts at $ 49ETwitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress and more4.6 (40 reviews)
BuzzsumoStarts at $ 99EFor4.5 (187 reviews)
SproutSocialStarts at $ 99EFor4.35 (1699 Reviews)
Best companyFree and paidThe platform is freeForn / D
NetvibesFree and paidFree plan availableFor4.15 (14 revisions)
MentionFree and paidFree plan availableFor4.6 (671 reviews)
Buffer answerStarts at US $ 50ETwitter, Facebook, Instagram4.35 (15 revisions)
Brand24Starts at $ 49EFor4.7 (313 revisions)
MediatoolkitStarts at $ 58EFor4.9 (37 reviews)
MentionStarts at US $ 29ETwitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube4.9 (31 reviews)
FailStarts at US $ 29EFor4.3 (67 reviews)
HootsuiteStarts at US $ 29EFor4.25 (5278 reviews)
keyholeStarts at $ 179ETwitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube4.2 (52 reviews)
Social bakerContact with pricesEFor4.1 (110 revisions)


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (1)"Simplify your social media management"

ICONOSQUAREIt is a powerful Instagram analysis tool and social media management.They allow them to manage various social profiles, monitor brand expectations, share their performance with faster and simpler reports, plan and plan their anticipated content and more.

Iconosquare has been founded in 2011 and is a pioneer in Instagram analysis and is an official Instagram partner since 2016. He is currently more than 25,000 customers have been listed, including remarkable brands such as National Geographic, L'Oal, Hilton and H& M. If you want to follow your mention your brandMonitoring Functions.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
It starts at $ 29/monthFree test version available4.3 (111 reviews)Instagram, Facebook

3 Main functions

1. Surprising analysis:Through detailed information about content content and public commitment, Iconosquare can help expand its presence in social media to offer standards against competitors to seek the effectiveness of selected hashtags and more.The schedule's function also helps to findThe most ideal time to post on Instagram.

2. Monitoring:Find and immediately respond to your audience's mentions with the tool function.Allows you to track all your photos, subtitles and comments in one place and compare your brand with competitors, monitoring multiple competing accounts.

3. Performance report:Create BrandPDF Reports on your performance by clicking a button!Send reports directly to your inbox or share it directly with your customers.


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (2)"Monitor 95 million on -line sources to see what people say about their brand - and take action."

BrandwatchIt is the leader of world leader social intelligence, which allows more than 2,000 of the most admired brands on the planetAgenciesincluding Unilever, Walmart and Dell.

To date, the company has made two acquisitions - Pendex (2013) and Buzzsumo (2017) - and was strengthened by its merger with Crimson Hexagon (2018).

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Available on requestFree demo available4.1 (267 reviews)Everything, but better for Twitter

3 Main functions

1. BrandWatch Analytics:A function that emphasizes critical business knowledge in millions of online discussions

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2. Brandwatch audience:Ability to optimize targeted influencers, defined content and paid social campaigns

3. Vicia Platform:Allows to transfer knowledge to decision makers throughout the organizations

To score

16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (3)

"Each mention, told"

To scoreIt is an hearing tool on the web and social that appeared by personal frustration in the market: the inability to monitor exactly brands and competitors.There was no tool in the market that sent daily notifications about a brand or product so someone talked about them online.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Starts at $ 49/monthFree test version available4.6 (40 reviews)Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress and more

3 Main functions

1. brand monitoring:Sends immediate warnings about mentioning your brand and market directly to your inbox

2. Competitor Dance:Get access to your competitor's strategies so you can identify lost options and see exactly where you are in the market

3. Reputations Management:You know who talks about you and quickly solves negative mentions of the positive


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (4)

"Buzzsumo gives them a view of the functioning of the content, and the influencers strengthen it."

BuzzsumoBrands allow their shared and found content to find out on social platforms.This is how your advanced research mechanism can easily discover brands whose content can be resonated with your audience.To determine that they have helped your brand.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
99 US dollars/monthFree test version available4.5 (187 reviews)Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn e Pinterest

3 Main functions

1. Show all social networks:With Buzzsumo, you can see joint activities in all important social networks

2. Advanced filtering:Find the most common content and filter the content according to the type

3. Content curatorship:Discover interesting content that you can share directly with your audience

Broto Social

16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (5)"Real people, real brands, real connections"

Broto SocialIf social media management and monitoring software helps brands that help you find and establish real connections with your audience.That you need to expand your awareness of your brand.About 25,000 satisfied customers of all different sectors of trust in the social Sprout.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
$ 99-249/monthFree demotion and test version available4.35 (1699 Reviews)For

3 Main functions

1. Prize winner service:Sprout Social provides personalized, fast and reliable customer support

2. Strom lines -daily types in the form of day:The platform offers customizable workflows to optimize performance and save valuable time

3. Intelligent input box:The simple brand monitoring in real time and the possibility of tracking direct messages

Best company

16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (6)"Thousands of customer analysis. Hundreds of detailed data points. Our independent search helps you find a company you can trust."

Best companyIt is an on -line review management tool and reputation that provides consumers for impartial data to support it in the purchase process.In particular, it offers tools for companies to compare their brand with others in the industry, to react directly to consumer analysis and to improve lead generation.

"On -Line Review Management, especially as the on -line presence for a brand's success is very important. Use services.

“In many review sites, you can react to customer analysis on your site, which shows consumers that you are interested in the customer experience ... on the brand, it is perfect and it is doubtful that the recognition of your brand is perfectBut if you take time to manage your call on -line, you can use it to improve and strengthen your brand's strategy. "Says McCall Robison VonBest company.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
FREIThe platform is free for everyoneN / DFor

3 Main functions

1. Online -ReputationsManagement


2. Generation Review

3. Lead generation


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (7)"Everything you are interested online - in one place"

NetvibesIf it is easy for you to adapt and monitor all the important things for you.With the platform, you can do different things, including following your social networks, you will receive notifications by breaking messages or reading articles about your favorite topics.

By capturing a variety of information and analyzing data, you can better understand the effects of your decisions and focus on the opportunities that boost your business.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
From US $ 0 to 649/monthFree plan available4.15 (14 revisions)For

3 Main functions

1. Personal Body:Listen to the sources you trust so you can focus on what is important

2. ROBUSTES Panel:Control your applications and devices by adjusting and programming the panel for your choice

3. Faceted exploration:Filter all data by author, date, place, language, company or more


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (8)

“Monitor your campaigns on -line everywhere.Research on the web, social media and much more for powerful market views. "

MentionProvides real -time media surveillance to get live updates from You through your brand.With the platform, you can monitor more than one billion sources every day, including social media, forums, blogs and other sources on the web.Competitors and customers increase to create perfect marketing campaigns.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Free plan available;paid plans start at $ 29/monthFree demo available4.6 (671 reviews)For

3 Main functions

1. Real -time media monitoring:Receive live updates through your brand from various sources on the web

2. Knowledge defined by the user:Ability to define and concentrate the most important -chair figures for your brand

3. Mention API:Brands offer the performance and flexibility necessary to process their own data

Buffer answer

16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (9)

"Social media commitment simply"

Buffer answerIt is a team input all that makes it easy for all teams to communicate and react social conversations.With the platform you can see everything you need to know about the specific person you talk to and help them provide personalized answers and build great relationships.

In addition, you will receive data that can be implemented with easy answers and reports to read about a variety of chau indicators so you can improve your commitment on social platforms.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
US $ 50-225/MONTHFree test version available4.35 (15 revisions)Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

3 Main functions

1. Slack -Itegration:A useful integration with which you can easily send new support queries directly on your Slack channel.

2. Export reports:All data and reports can be exported in CSV format

3. Integrate with other panels:The answers API easily integrates the platform data in its existing panels


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (10)

"If you receive immediate access to the on -line mention, increase customer satisfaction and sell customers"

Brand24It is a social media monitoring platform in which you can collect, analyze and react to all public on -line audiences.The persecution of these mentions can analyze which exact channels generate the biggest sensation for your business.

The tool also helps you interact in real time with your customers through your social media profiles.With the data collected, you can structure accurate campaigns to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

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PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
It starts at $ 40/monthFree test version available4.7 (313 revisions)Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quora

3 Main functions

1. FEED mentioned:A list of detailed data mentions that you can use to see what people say and give your response in real time

2. Camp Analysis: Analyze the quality and amount of buzz to get to know your customers better.With the Brand24 platform, you can apply multiple filters, including geolocation, post -car, number of visits, scoring influence or humor

3. Discussion volume diagram:The platform offers an intuitive representation of changes in the volume of discussion and the interval

Media -Toolkit

16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (11)"Monitor the on -line mention of your brand in real time"

MediatoolkitIt is one of the easiest media monitoring and analysis tools.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Starts at $ 58/monthFree test version available4.9 (37 reviews)Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vkontakte

3 Main functions

1. Unlimited user:Unlimited seats on account

2. Prolonged research of Bosche:Configure Search Chains for non -relevant results

3. User defined warnings and digestion:Set your account to send warnings daily or weekly, with information adapted to your needs


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (12)"Intelligent Social Media -Monitoring."

MentionIt is a tool for social media and web surveillance with which you can follow mentions for your brand of the entire web.Smart findings are a unique feature of the mentioned mention and help you find the main influencers in your industry, topics in your niche market and customer feedback to take care in real time.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
It starts at $ 29/monthFree test version available4.9 (31 reviews)Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

3 Main functions

1. Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA):This function is exclusive to mention that you are implementable and personalized to improve your web and social presence.This includes the search for the best days to publish, the best hashtags, etc.etc.

2. Mention of Boadsche:Filter your results in as many details as you want

3. Camp Analysis:Analyze your brand data mentioned after a positive or negative feeling in each language


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (13)

“The web talks about your business.Find these conversations and participate. "

FailIf a tool for the brands that the brand mentions as positive or negative, notifications can be configured based on specific criteria and inform it on the interval and the number of mentions prior to a user.The platform offers robust service and support, by email, an auxiliary center, guide, video tutorials and a dedicated account manager (for plans at a higher level).All of this is guaranteed to offer a smooth user experience as possible.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Starts at $ 29-299/monthFree test version available4.3 (67 reviews)For

3 Main functions

1. Real -time mention monitoring:After inserting your mark and other relevant Awario chave, you will be aware every time your brand is mentioned in real time.From there, these mentions can be marked as positive or negative and based on the Awario user range is also showing a certain user on social media.

2. Robust search consultations:Use boolean logic. You can seek very specific mentions of your brand or the other -chave word and exclude irrelevant mentions.

3. Immediate commitment:Remodel or respond to mentions directly from Awario.This is a great function to respond immediately, regardless of whether you want to comment on your own brand account or simply replace user content.


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (14)

"Manage all your social media marketing in one place"

HootsuiteIt is one of the best known social media management tools.You can plan, automate and follow your social media messages in a wealth of social profiles.Hootuite is also considered a brand mention and a social hearing tool, as it informs what people say about their brand on social media.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Starts at $ 29-599/monthFree test version available4.25 (5278 reviews)For

3 Main functions

1. All-in-One-Plattform:Plan, select and manage your social media

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2. Detailed tool for the marks mentioned:Find and Filter mentioned according to the word -chave, hashtag and put in many different languages

3. Personalized integration:With the application complements, you can further perform the monitoring mentioned, including the possibility of monitoring reviews.About 250 integrations help optimize processes and pass data into their tools.


16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (15)

"We help agencies measure the effects of their social media and influence campaigns."

keyholeMonitors brands, campaigns and events, as well as "deep ideas about important trends and conversations that are taking place."He collects everything people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, news sites, blogs and forums say and allow them to respond immediately to respond.Schlüsselloch also provides its powerful API, which completely offers flexibility in monitoring the mentions.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Starts at $ 179/monthFree test version available4.2 (52 reviews)Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

3 Main functions

1. Extended mention tracking:With your high quality hashtag tool, you can watch hashtags and mentions and see the feeling behind the glances

2. Social Analysis:In detail, real tracking -user time and reach on their social platforms

3. AI campaign forecast:As the only tool of this type, the platform helps to predict how hashtags will probably work with time

Social baker

16 best brand mention tools to follow its scope (16)“We completely cover a solution for all your social media marketing.Regardless of your challenge. "

Social bakerIt is an all-in-one social media platform, research, content planning, analysis, screening mention, influencer management and social customer service.Big names like National Geographic, Samsung and Walmart Trust Social Bakers for their social media strategy, mark mention and tracking.

PriceFree demotion or test versionEvaluation EvaluationMonitored networks
Available on requestFree test version available4.1 (110 revisions)For

3 Main functions

1. AI research:The AI of the tool discovers information about its audience, including social media habits, the interests of the content and the social voices in which they trust

2. Tool of fully adaptable brands:With a powerful AI, you can find the exact mentions, tags and label as you want

3. Analysis of entry feelings:Follow the changes and trends of mood over time, from level or individual articles to campaigns.Users can see immediately how their audience perceives the brand as a whole.

Use of metrics to measure results and follow success

After mentioning the right tools for the brand, you should focus on what is measuring to seek brand recognition and feeling.Remember that many brands are more than just mentioned!

We will pass some of the most common metrics to measure with brands tools:

1. Branding

Brands -mentonion tools offer valuable information and can provide a variety of information that can be used in your strategy to strengthen brand recognition.

This is also important because you can see what people really say about them and which platforms.This can help you make changes if necessary, and get information about which platforms you can concentrate to bring leads.

You would like to look for your brand expectations as a whole, but you also want to monitor the percentages of positive, neutral and negative mentions (mood analysis).And of course, I would like to see who mentioned the most and what the people who mention that you have the widest variety.

One of the most common options outside the use of a tool described above is the use of Google notifications with which you can track your brand expectations or a favorite -chave word on all social media platforms.

2. actions

A good quantitative measure is to determine how often its content is shared.You have the opportunity to see which blog posts are best suited for your audience.

You can see this by adding your contributions to your contributions, but also looking for this kind of information with an analysis tool.

3. Social media range

There are some tools that help you follow your social media.As you can imagine, your reach on social media has a great impact on the overall awareness of your brand.As your reach determines how many people you can see your content.

This measurement takes into account your number of followers.For example, a trailer that has 500 own followers can help discover your brand more than one person with only 50 followers;So if you have many followers who have your own supporters a lot better chance of having a good organic reach.

4. social commitment

If you are active on your social channels, you will probably also have a good social commitment.Measurement of your followers' interaction levels is easy and helps you see what kind of content you would like to see.

Likes, comments, retweets, actions etc.These are all ways to seek social commitment.Anye of the tools even helps you keep an eye on greater involvement.

5. Location traffic

Data traffic should be obvious - the hope that the brand and awareness of sensitization eventually lead to you to focus on the interest of your brand.Monitoring this data traffic can determine whether its general brand awareness changes the fact that traffic has decreased can point out that there are changes.Or you can see if the decline in new campaigns or recent changes will correlate that you have done.

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There are many tools with which you can monitor brand expectations and feeling.This works to your advantage, since brand knowledge measurement and call management can be complex, but the key to the growth of your business.

However, if you have the right mention of the tool and process brand, the measurement and structure of knowledge and the brand call can be quite easy and have a strong impact on the success of your business.


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